Welcome to C-Strong
C-Strong Co., Ltd. Is the acknowledged peptide manufacture based in Shanghai. With the proprietary technologies, we provide ultra-fast and highly economical peptide synthesis service to the scientific community worldwide. Our standard stepwise solid phase peptide synthesis (SPPS) procedures, both Boc and Fmoc chemical synthesis technique, provide access to the most peptides ranging from the long peptide over fifty amino acid in single sequence to complex peptide modification. In addition, C-Strong offers the most competitive price in the peptide synthesis industry.
Competitive Advantages
1.Highest-quality Peptides:
GMP manufacture condition and SFDA certificate ensure our quality meet your requirements, C-Strong surpasses many of its competitors in rate of successful peptide synthesis. the sterile condition, peculiar packing and excess 98% purity make The consummate quality.

2.Best Prices for All Peptides:
C-Strong has developed and applied advanced peptide synthesis technology to heighten the quality and reduce the cost. Our custom peptides start as low as $4.5/AA, and on other cost.

3.Guaranteed Delivery:
C-Strong's multiple peptide synthesis technologies and the responsible spirit ensure the delivery reason, we are unable to complete the order, all charges will be waived.

4.Complete reports:
All peptides synthesized by C-Strong have to pass our stringent quality control. COA report will be offered to you. For custom peptide, we provide HPLC and MS to you, synthesis report is also available if necessary.

5.Quotation and Ordering:
For quotation, please contact us by Email: sales@c-strong.com or fax: 86-21-6602 1772.